Facial Treatments

As leaders in the men’s grooming space, we are constantly on the lookout for new experiences to add to our stable of services. Supported by SkinOrigin, our latest venture into skin care seeks to deliver the ultimate, all-encompassing grooming experience that’s sure to leave you looking and feeling your best!

About the Treatments


Epi Treatment

Epi Treatment treats skin conditions with weak barrier system, prone to sensitivity and reactive skin from environmental stress. It reduces redness, calms the skin and strengthens the barrier system.

It is also an ideal treatment for skin congestion due to sensitivity to begin with.

Beneficial for:
• Weak and damaged barrier system
• Eczema condition
• Post laser treatment
• Sensitive and delicate skin
• Sensitive skin with congestion

Epi Enhance Treatment

Epi Enhance Treatment strengthens the weakened epidermal structure of the skin. It can restore the trans epidermal water loss, creating a protection against any factors that may destroy its moisture and barrier. You will experience a clear, deeply hydrated and smooth texture of the skin.

The mask used in this treatment contains all the essential components that have powerful brightening, desensitizing and nourishing effects.

Beneficial for:
• Skin that needs immediate moisture binding
• Active sebaceous glands with dehydrated condition
• Sensitive skin with flaky or peeling effect

Anti-Oxidant Cell Membrane Repair Treatment

An intensive treatment using a specific prescribed cocktail to fight against free radicals. It’s high anti-oxidant effect prevents the skin from pre-mature aging and cell membrane damaged. This treatment provides the essential nutrients to the skin, supporting the cell renewal and strengthening the cell membrane for a higher tolerance to free radicals.

EGF- Strengthening the weak barrier to prepare activation of cell membrane.

C-20- Promoting high anti-oxidant to achieve tightening result and boost collagen synthesis.

V-Lift- Tightening whole face contour and diminishing appearance of wrinkles.

Miracle Cocktail

Miracle Cocktails are unique formulas with 100% active principles in monodose. They visibly improve the skin’s troubled conditions after a few courses. The trained specialist will prescribe the cocktail in accordance with the specific skin conditions and work intensively to treat the problems.

A specific monodose or Multidose will be prescribed by your specialist for advance home treatment, to speed up the improvement of your troubled skin conditions.

Ideal for:
• All skin conditions

• V-Lift Enhance – Lifting and firming effect
• Anti-Melanin – Pigmentation conditions
• Hi-Glow – High moisture and plumping effect
• Brightening – Post acne marks, spots and uneven skin tone
• Sebo-Balance – Oily skin with congestion or acne




Classic Facial (75 mins)

138 Sgd

The starter treatment for just about anyone. Designed    for all skin types, this facial can start you off on the journey  to smoother, clearer skin. With the modern gentleman in mind, this deep cleansing treatment breaks down the accumulated dirt, sebum and dead skin cells    on the surface layers of the skin to reveal fresh, spotless, skin. Great for first-timers who are dipping their toes     into facial treatments.

Suitable for

  • All skin types

  • General Maintenance

Enhanced Facial (90 mins)

168 Sgd

In need of some extra reinforcement? No fear, help is  here! An enhanced treatment facial for those require an extra boost or TLC; this treatment helps strengthen the skin barrier and prevents trans epidermal water-loss and protects against skin sensitivity and dehydration over    time. The Epi-Enhance treatment also boasts powerful brightening effects on the overall complexion.

Suitable for:

  • Oily, dehydrated skin

  • Sensitive skin

  • Dull skin

Sultan’s Facial (105 mins)

258 Sgd

The ultimate facial for utmost skin rejuvenation. This customised treatment is best suited to those looking for help with specific skin concerns (clogged pores, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles). After an exploratory consultation, a personalised cocktail of serums will be designed for you during the treatment. Facial massage techniques, that aid in microcirculation, lifting and drainage of skin tissue are also applied in this treatment for a perfect chiseled visage and total restoration.

Suitable for:

  • All skin types

  • Problematic, congested skin

  • Sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles