A low down on scalp treatments- do they actually work?

Scalp treatments– We’ve seen the miraculous ads, the before and after photos that seem too good to be true, and wonder if these treatments are going to be the answer to all our hair growth prayers. In short, the answer is.. maybe. In this article, we take you through the steps of a typical scalp treatment at Sultans of Shave, to help you decide if a scalp treatment is what you need to achieve your desired results.


A scalp treatment starts with a scan and personalised consultation of what treatments could benefit you. A scalp scanner is used to get a literal clear picture of the situation on your scalp. From there, the grooming consultant can advise you on the various treatments available to you. Typically, some common problems that arise would be dandruff, excessive product buildup, oily scalp or thinning patches.


After a consult, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed for each and every customer with different concerns in mind. Our treatments cater to variety and combination of scalp issues such as dryness (and dandruff), oilyness or hair loss.


The treatment begins with a mask to draw out impurities and revitalise the scalp. A light massage is then administered to improve blood circulation on the scalp to stimulate hair follicles; this promotes hair growth as well as maintenance of healthy hair. Naturally, the massage also serves as a pampering treat for all you hardworking gentlemen! An oxygen machine is then used to replenish moisture from the very root of the hair, leading to a full head of healthy, shiny hair.


Lastly, our scalp care consultant will wash out the mask with a treatment shampoo, specifically formulated to tackle individual scalp concerns. An ampoule that is supercharged with active ingredients is then applied and massaged into the scalp. Ampoules are smaller in molecular structure, to allow for deeper penetration and maximum efficacy.

In general, scalp treatments are recommended as a preventative measure to hair loss, or to combat certain scalp issues such as dandruff or early stages of hair loss. It is also highly recommended as a soothing, relaxing treatment for those who are looking to pamper themselves and take extra steps towards hair loss prevention. Also great for grooms-to-be who have a big day coming up! Having scalp treatments regularly will help you reap long-term results of stronger, healthier hair, and should be viewed as a long-term investment for good hair health. Here at Sultans of Shave, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing of our treatment packages, with no extra hidden costs or hard-selling. This is to ensure that our customers get the services they need, if they need it.

The next time you get a haircut, ask our barbers or grooming consultants about the state of your scalp, and how a series scalp treatments could benefit you.

We look forward to helping you achieve all your hair goals this year!

Sultans of Shave


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