Here at Sultans of Shave, we combine inspiration and passion
for the art of male grooming.

Our journey started with a quest to revive one of the oldest but less glamorous trades. The barber is a profession that dates back to every era known to man, from being a prized member of staff that served the Egyptian pharaohs, Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and more recently, the British royal family. After devoting countless hours and resources to developing the perfect grooming experience for the modern gentleman, Sultans of Shave was born.

Founded in 2013, Sultans of Shave has established itself as an industry leader for men’s grooming here in Singapore with 6 outlets all around the island across 2 brands. With over 60,000 customers served and counting, Sultans of Shave prides itself in providing premium grooming experiences which combine our passion and inspiration for male grooming with first class customer service.

As we continue to grow, Sultans of Shave aspires to be the leading men’s grooming company in South East Asia.