Guide to a Modern Gentleman’s Grooming Routine

Men’s grooming. A term that has gradually began to seep into the mainstream since the rise of the metrosexual male. It is a ritual that has thoroughly evolved  from just shaving and a splash of water on your good ol noggin’ to having a comprehensive routine of cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers. It helps that Key Opinion Leaders such as Pharrell Williams aka guy from ‘Blurred Lines’ looks like a teenager despite being in his 40s, but really it's all about doing that something for yourself everyday. So how do you navigate this mad, mad world of product? Gentlemen, presenting your cheatsheet to men’s grooming.

The Cleanser

Generally, this is stolen from your girlfriends/mothers/partners. Haha we’re just kidding, we're sure your partners will appreciate it if you get your own. This is the most basic item in every regime, and should be non-negotiable. It gets your face clean, period. A good cleanser should be gentle, not heavily laden with fragrance, and at a slightly acidic pH (to match that of your skin). It most certainly does not have to have “For Men” on its label to be effective. We love this one from Doers of London. 

Doers of London Facial Cleanser

The Shaving Product

This one's for those blessed with beautiful beards. Shaving wrecks havoc on your skin. Cuts, friction-induced redness, sensitivity, the list goes on. A shaving cream can help negate the consequences of shaving by reducing the friction between the blade and your skin. The ingredients used in generic soaps and shaving foams to produce a good lather are harsh and drying on the skin, and can further aggravate skin that is already sensitized by shaving. Look out for shaving products that are sulfate-free and contain natural oils for lubrication and glide. The Doers of London philosophy is to have products that work harder than you do, so that you can do less in the bathroom and be out there, smashing your goals. 

Doers of London Shave Cream

Serum/Moisturizer/After Shave

The skincare gurus might tell you that these should all be 3 separate steps AND products. But really, who has the time for all of that? We have things to do and places to be. In the heat and humidity of Singapore, only the driest of dry skins will benefit from having all 3 steps. A great soothing and hydrating serum will suffice for most, especially for those with oilier complexions and prefer the weightless texture of a gel or water-based product. For our gentlemen with drier skin, a good moisturizer can help to adequately retain moisture and keep your face from feeling dry and tight. The Blind Barber Daily Face Moisturizer is a workhorse of a product, offering both the soothing properties of an aftershave lotion as well as preventing skin from becoming dry and flaky.

Daily Face Moisturizer. Click to Shop.

Dear Klairs Soothing Serum

Hairstyling Product

This category is an entirely separate blog post on its own. Hairstyling products are highly subject to personal preferences, hair types etc. For gents who prefer a natural look with no shine, clays and matte pomades are the way to go. If a slicked-back do is more your style, something with a slight sheen may suit the look better! A texturing spray always comes in handy to add life to limp hair, or for light hold and volume on casual days/weekends.

Browse our styling collection here.


Ah, the very last step of every man’s grooming regime, and probably the most luxurious too. Fragrance is deeply personal, and in today’s grooming scape there are a myriad of options from renowned fashion brands to niche fragrance houses you can choose from. Here are some brands that offer beautiful and complex scents that are sure to earn you compliments from dates and strangers alike. (Penhaligon’s, Francis Maison Kurkdjan, Tom Ford) If you prefer scents that are completely personalized to your tastes and preferences, the bespoke perfumery experts at Maison21G and SIFR aromatics will create your custom signature scent that you can wear with pride every single day. For maximum impact, apply fragrance on your pulse points: behind your ears, on your chest and wrists.

And that's all our tips, products and advice for your grooming needs. Any products or tips that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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