Thinning Hair? Here are 3 hairstyles that keep it looking full.

Thinning hair- albeit of a touchy topic. But really, it happens to the best of us. In this series, we cover the ways and means through which you can still look and feel your best despite nature’s not-so-great intentions.

Although it is every man’s dream to have a full head of hair throughout their lives, it is often not the case. In fact, it is reported that about two-thirds of men will come to experience some form of hair loss with age. 

Don’t sweat it just yet! As with most assets, it’s all about working with what you have and embracing the characteristic quirks that come your way. With the right hairstyles and styling techniques, you’ll be well on your way to suave-city. 

There are a few golden rules when it comes to managing the look of thinning hair, but one thing is certain- no comb-overs allowed!

1. Taking the sides shorter

By maintaining short sides, the contrast in volume between the top and sides is reduced, making thinning areas less apparent. 

2. Going for messier, tousled hairstyles rather than slicked sharp haircuts

Slick styles may draw additional attention to your hair, potentially emphasizing its thinness

3. Using matte-finish styling products

The sheen from high-shine products tend to make the scalp look more pronounced as well as weigh already thin hair down. Use a light matte clay for more hold and volume instead!

While thinning hair may not work with every hairstyle out there, there are still a wide variety of hairstyles that you can pull off.

Style 1: Crew Cut


The crew cut is one of the most versatile hairstyles for men. With thinning hair, it works to take attention away from one’s receding hairline and bring the focus back to one’s face. Cutting your hair shorter while you are already suffering from a lack of it might seem counterintuitive, but as mentioned above, reducing the contrast in volume between the top and sides of your head will serve to disguise any thinning areas. An added bonus of rocking this cut would be the little minimal effort required when it comes to styling and maintenance. 

Style 2: Textured French Crop

The textured french crop is our barber-approved alternative to the traditional comb-over. With faded sides, the hair on top is heavily textured and styled forward, hiding the receding hairline. Styled with a matte light paste, this style affords you that tousled, casually sexy vibe that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of.

Style 3: Faux Hawk

The good old faux hawk. A go-to style for David Beckham himself, who’s to fight it? This style does a good job of masking a thinning top as it pushes all the hair towards the centre of the head, giving your crown an added boost of height and volume. 

When it comes to thinning hair, choosing the right style is half the battle won. We believe that nothing should stop you from looking and feeling your best. Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas for your next trip to the barbershop!

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